Big Fran Quinn

By David

joan shannon - $20
Ryan Schumacher - $5
Jeff Garcia - $25
Michael Tomaiolo - $5
Anonymous - $5
Anonymous - $5
David Prinn - $100
Tim Sorrell - $50
Daniel Babine - $50
Nancy Cosgrove - $100
Jen Stillerman - $100
John Cosgrove - $100
Elizabeth Burrell - $300
Leslie Quinn - $100
Kevin Cosgrove - $100
Michael Tomaiolo - $25
David Shannon - $100
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I want to thank you for taking your time to access this link.  There are so many great causes and I believe that this cause is one of them.  Big Fran Quinn was my Father-in-law.  He died on January 2nd of 2012 after a very hard fought battle with Pancreatic Cancer.  The last two years of his life I would not wish on even my worst enemy.  Big Fran was a truly amazing and dynamic person, a loving husband for 49 years, Father of 7, Grandfather to 16 grandchildren.  He is sorely missed by all of us.  All fatal diseases need to be eradicated.  That can only be done by supporting the brilliant people who dedicate their lives to clinical research.  Research requires funding and even the smallest donation makes a big difference.

For the past 8 years, my company, H.T. Berry Paper Company, has held a charitable golf tournament that has raised well over $490,000 in only 8 annual tournaments and will likely reach the half million mark this year!  All proceeds go the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and specifically, towards research into gastrointestinal cancers. 

My goal through this campaign is to raise $5,000 this year.  I need your help to achieve that goal.  Big Fran deserves to be honored and remembered for the great man that he was and I am hoping, with your help, we can achieve and possibly surpass that goal!  No one should ever suffer like he did and with your donation, no matter the amount, maybe just maybe, no one will ever have to suffer from this disease again.

Thank You!





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